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10 Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Submitted by on May 31, 2011 – 6:05 am4 Comments

Face with Canadian FlagThere’s more than one way to immi­grate to Canada.

Are you com­ing to Canada to work, invest, or start a busi­ness? Do you want to go to school or learn a lan­guage? Do you have fam­ily in Canada?

Find the immi­gra­tion path that’s best for you.

Here’s an out­line of Canada’s immi­gra­tion pro­grams:

Skilled worker or professional Federal Skilled Worker or Provincial Nominee


Skilled trades­per­son Federal Skilled Trades person


Person with a con­firmed job offer or you have a job that does not require a work permit Temporary Foreign Worker



Experienced entre­pre­neur or investor Start-​​Up Visa


Person with expe­ri­ence work­ing or study­ing in Canada Canadian Experience Class candidate


Student Student


Relative of a fam­ily mem­ber liv­ing in Canada Sponsored Family Member


Self-​​employed indi­vid­ual with expe­ri­ence in cul­tural activ­i­ties, ath­let­ics, or farm management Self-​​Employed Person


Refugee seek­ing protection Refugee


Each of these pro­grams has strict require­ments and its own appli­ca­tion process. Click the links above to learn more about what’s involved.

Whether or not you qual­ify under a fed­eral immi­gra­tion pro­gram, you may qual­ify — or qual­ify more quickly — under a Provincial Nominee Program, which enables immi­grants with cer­tain skills to set­tle in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, or other Canadian provinces.

While many peo­ple are able to apply on their own, some find it eas­ier to get help from a qual­i­fied immi­gra­tion con­sul­tant or lawyer.

Have you immi­grated to Canada under one of these pro­grams? Share your story in the comments.

Updated July 2013.

Photo by sfllaw (flickr)


  • nabil arioui says:

    salut j’ais un diplome de cuisinier2005 et l’éxpérionce de 5ans et bacalau­reat 2003 LA NATIONALITé maro­cain et ce que je peux trouvé un chance dimi­gra­tion a canada par ce que il ya quelqu’un isi qui ma dit j’ai une avo­cat il faux chargé votre dosé 17.000dh plus 3.OOOdh pour le birau dimi­gra­tion cana­dian et ce que c’est exacte le repanse slt mesieu?

  • A.K.M.Sharifuzzaman says:

    This shar­i­fuz­za­man i want to find job in Canada and want to live in Canada if there any scope pls told me how?

    Thanks and regards


  • Zhu says:

    Good ref­er­ence sheet!

    I immi­grated under the spon­sor pro­gram. I might have qual­i­fied under the Quebec skilled worker pro­gram but at the time, I was 21 and lacked rel­e­vant work expe­ri­ence. So we went with the other way, the sponsorship.

    • mayte says:

      Hola Zhu como con­seguiste entrar en el pro­grama de patrocinio? en que area vives en Quebec o la parte inglesa?