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Are you an expat from Texas or the American South?

Submitted by on July 19, 2011 – 2:59 pm2 Comments

Hot SummerDid you come to Ontario from Texas or some­where else in the American South? The CBC wants to talk with you:

Hi There,

I’m con­tact­ing you from the CBC here in Toronto. We’re look­ing to inter­view an American expat who once lived in Texas (some­where in the deep south) who can talk to us about sur­viv­ing this kind of heat in a news sto­ry we’re work­ing on for tomor­row night’s show.

If they’re liv­ing in Toronto and would like to chat with us, please send me an email with that infor­ma­tion!

Any help would be appre­ci­at­ed! Thanks!

If you can help Claire out, or if you know some­one she should speak with, please e‑mail her direct­ly at roberts.clairea [at] gmail​.com.

Hot sum­mer pho­to by tar­ry­town (flickr)


  • Ruth says:

    One more lit­tle thing. The first night I met my soon to be Canadian father in law he read me a poem aloud. I’ve always loved him for it…the poem was? “The Cremation of Sam McGhee” Of course!

    Since, I left Plum Tree down in Tennessee, it’s the first time I’ve been warm.”

    I think of that often. 🙂

  • Ruth says:

    Well, I’m an expat from the U.S. south Tennessee, Georgia and Oklahoma but, I’m not in Toronto. I don’t find it hot here at ALL. lol. So there’s real­ly no “sur­viv­ing” to it. When I’m vis­it­ing the south most of the peo­ple I know have a pool! It’s not near­ly as com­mon here for peo­ple to have back­yard in ground pools. Also, REAL iced tea is very, very refresh­ing. The canned stuff, not so much. Why do you think iced tea is so pop­u­lar down there! Canadians make won­der­ful hot tea with rit­u­als involved like lit­tle clothes for the tea pots, warm­ing the cups and pots just so. It makes deli­cious tea. But if it’s cold…well, they will drink kool aide in a can. Make the cold tea as deli­cious as the hot! It tru­ly does espe­cial­ly the unsweet vari­ety, quench your thirst and cool you off.

    Outside of those two things Canadians already do every­thing we do in the south dur­ing heat­waves. Swim, drink lemon­aide and water, find the shade or stay in air con­di­tion­ing. Most of all though, enjoy the sum­mer because before long we’ll all be talk­ing about how to sur­vive the lat­est snow storm.