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ما تحتاج إلى معرفته ليعيش في, العمل في, or immi­grate to Cana­da. Citi­zen­ship infor­ma­tion, Ø£ÙŠØ¶Ø§.


Tra­vel ideas and tips for visi­ting, tou­ring, and deci­ding where to live in Canada.

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Moving to Canada in 2011?

مقدم من كانون الثاني / يناير 3, 2011 – 9:57 على9 تعليقات

Moving to CanadaWhat’s on your list of New Year’s reso­lu­tions this year?

Is «Move to Cana­da » at the top of your list?

If you’ve been thin­king about relo­ca­ting to Cana­da, you’ve come to the righ­t place.

We’ve got infor­ma­tion about plan­ning a move to Cana­da, من orga­ni­zing a research trip إلى figu­ring out the immi­gra­tion paper­work for living and wor­king here.

لدينا نصائح حول الأعلى 10 الأماكن للعيش في CanadØ£ (بالاضافة الى أكثر من يوم best loca­tions for new­co­mers).

يمكننا مساعدتك في معرفة المزيد عن الحياة في Otta­wa, Que­bec City, Van­cou­ver, Toron­to, Mon­treal, Ùˆ many other loca­tions.

مساعدتك ترتيب الرعاية الصحية cove­rage وتعلم navi­gate the Cana­dian health care sys­tem. هوك لكم حتى مع الموارد من أجل fin­ding a job, مكان للعيش فيه, أو المدارس للاطفال.

We’ve even got sug­ges­tions for the best places to retire in Cana­da.

ولقد حصلنا على العشرات من المقالات حول Cana­dian culture Ùˆ dai­ly life to help you get acquain­ted with Cana­da or help you adjust once you’ve arrived.

Moving to Cana­da in 2011? Hap­py New Year — and welcome!

Cham­pagne pho­to by e_calamar (fli­ckr)

9 تعليقات »

  • فرانسيس يقول:

    hel­lo everyone,
    كيف حالك?
    انا بحاجة الى مساعدة جيدة جدا للانتقال الى كندا.
    أنا كان هناك في 2008 2009 with work-holi­day visa which expi­red after 6 أشهر.
    I real­ly want to move there and work like I did when I was there.
    Here in Ita­ly is so hard to get a job and a good one, so I would like to go where there is meri­to­cra­cy and people appre­ciate how I work and how I am…CANADA
    I am a good wor­ker and very honest guy.
    I real­ly don’t want come there and find the short­cut to stay, لذا يرجى HELP ME!
    I love Cana­da and cana­dian people, حتى, if some­bo­dy could help me, ارسل لي رسالة.
    Also could to be nice if some­bo­dy knows immi­gra­tion consultants.
    Thank you for now

    • اا (العضو المنتدب, الذين يعيشون في الخارج في كندا) يقول:

      Fran­ces­co, thank you for using Living Abroad in Cana­da’s Immi­gra­tion and Relo­ca­tion Refer­ral Ser­vice. As a result of your inqui­ry, we’ve intro­du­ced you to a cer­ti­fied immi­gra­tion consul­tant who can help you with the paperwork.

    • آنا يقول:

      Ciao Fran­ces­co,

      I am an immi­gra­tion lawyer with 10 years of expe­rience in Cana­dian work per­mits. Did you have a job while you were in Cana­da? Ideal­ly, you should have had the employer you were wor­king for apply for a Labour Mar­ket Opi­nion on your behalf. This would allow you to have obtai­ned a new Work Per­mit for an ini­tial 2–3 year per­iod, دون اضطراره لمغادرة كندا.

      Even though you have moved back to Ita­ly, there is still a chance for you to apply for this type of Work Per­mit, par­ti­cu­lar­ly if it’s with a job with your pre­vious Cana­dian employer.

      إذا كان هذا ليس خيارا قابلا للتطبيق, لا تزال هناك خيارات أخرى بالنسبة لك. It would help if you could pro­vide me with 1) نسخة من سيرتك الذاتية, sho­wing both your edu­ca­tion and work expe­rience; 2) which pro­vince you would like to live in; Ùˆ 3) whe­ther you are fluent in English, French or both.

      مرحبا ونراكم قريبا!


      [email protected]

  • abdulaziz يقول:

    please help me to work in cana­da any sala­ry any city„


    • اا (العضو المنتدب, الذين يعيشون في الخارج في كندا) يقول:

      I’m hap­py to report that Living Abroad in Cana­da has recent­ly laun­ched an Immi­gra­tion and Relo­ca­tion Refer­ral Ser­vice.

      The Immi­gra­tion and Relo­ca­tion Refer­ral Ser­vice is for people consi­de­ring, plan­ning, and embar­king on their jour­ney to Cana­da and set­tling into their new com­mu­ni­ty. Living Abroad in Cana­da can connect you with pro­vi­ders of ser­vices to help you along your way.

      زيارة Immi­gra­tion and Relo­ca­tion Refer­ral Ser­vice صفحة لمعرفة المزيد عن خدمة هذا.

  • آشيش ميشرا يقول:


  • تشير يقول:

    I am a cana­dian, but I’m having a hard time get­ting fair and unbia­sed opi­nions from other about which pro­vinces are in good shape.

    I want to know just how « bad » it is right now. أنا يقال الأشياء, but it seems a bit over-exag­ge­ra­ted some­times, and I don’t know who to believe. I came from BC ori­gi­nal­ly, but i want to go back—I wasnt living on my own before, حتى الآن, the big ques­tions like health/medical, jobs and living are a more impor­tant mat­ter to me…before, I was cove­red in fami­ly health and such, and things got supported.…but now, مثل قلت, it is going to be dif­ferent than before.….….…and I have a full­time job where I am right now, حتى, I want to know just what are the risks…and if anyone can ans­wer them with some­thing that isn’t bit­ter, I’d appre­ciate it.

    • بريان يقول:

      لها فقط سيئة كما يجعل لكم. Trying to have only one career path is a huge mis­take. The days of wor­king for one com­pa­ny fore­ver and reti­ring are long over and will never return. Its up to you to have the skills that are mar­ke­table at any given time. People are loo­king for people to do things for them. Get real­ly good at a few and you are set for life.

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