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La rectitude politique: Plus américains ou canadiens?

Soumis par sur Mars 19, 2010 – 7:05 surPas de commentaire

merryxmashanukkahkwanzaaBefore I moved to Cana­da, J'avais l'habitude de penser que les États-Unis. had the mono­po­ly on poli­ti­cal cor­rect­ness. À tout le moins en Nouvelle-Angleterre où j'ai vécu, eve­ryone wishes you « Hap­py Holi­days» ins­tead of « Mer­ry Christ­mas » or « Hap­py Hanuk­kah » or « Good Kwan­zaa » or whatever.

Mais il s'avère que, même more Cana­dians sup­port the concept of poli­ti­cal cor­rect­ness.

Accor­ding to a recent Angus Reid Public Opi­nion poll, 50 percent of Cana­dians sur­veyed believe in poli­ti­cal cor­rect­ness – defi­ned as « lan­guage and/or beha­vior that seeks to mini­mize pos­sible offenses to racial, cultu­ral and gen­der iden­ti­ty groups, among others. »

En revanche, 45 percent of Ame­ri­cans oppose poli­ti­cal cor­rect­ness, tout 41 percent sup­port it.

Is that funny?

While in both coun­tries, a signi­fi­cant majo­ri­ty of respon­dents said that it’s impor­tant for tea­chers, poli­ti­cians, and jour­na­lists to behave in a poli­ti­cal­ly cor­rect way, come­dians get a lot more lee­way. Seulement 25% of Cana­dians, et 31% of Ame­ri­cans, think that come­dians must be poli­ti­cal­ly correct.

Howe­ver, the sur­vey found «stri­king dif­fe­rences in the way the two coun­tries feel about the accep­ta­bi­li­ty of jokes dea­ling with spe­ci­fic topics»

Even though more Cana­dians say they believe in being poli­ti­cal­ly cor­rect, Cana­dians are more willing than Ame­ri­cans to be OK with jokes about phy­si­cal appea­rance (54% in Cana­da, 46% aux États-Unis), course (54% in Cana­da, 42% aux États-Unis), obe­si­ty (53% in Cana­da, 45% aux États-Unis), and eth­nic ori­gin (59% in Cana­da, 46% aux États-Unis).

Et almost two-thirds of Cana­dians (63%) see no pro­blem making jokes about reli­gion, while less than half of Ame­ri­cans (46%) d'accord.

In my expe­rience, Cana­dians are also a lot more like­ly to wish you « Mer­ry Christ­mas » than « Hap­py Holi­days. » Is this socie­ty that high­ly values mul­ti­cul­tu­ra­lism less concer­ned about offen­ding various cultures? Que pensez-vous? Post a com­ment below.

And you can get more details about the Angus Reid sur­vey from

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