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Pourquoi l'Action de grâce en Octobre?
Octobre 12, 2009 Р7:01 sur | Comments Off sur Pourquoi l'Action de gr̢ce en Octobre?
Pourquoi l'Action de grâce en Octobre?

Today – Mon­day, Octo­ber 12, 2009 – is the Thanks­gi­ving holi­day in Canada.

Cana­dians cele­brate the Thanks­gi­ving holi­day rough­ly six weeks ear­lier than Ame­ri­cans do. Et U.S. expatriés toujours demander, “Why?"

Here’s an excerpt from

Prenant Labo(vous)Journée off r
Septembre 7, 2009 Р7:00 sur | Comments Off sur Prenant Labo(vous)Journ̩e off r
Prenant Labo(vous)Journée off r

Today is Labour Day in Cana­da. Banques, les bureaux de poste, govern­ment offices, écoles, and many busi­nesses across the coun­try are clo­sed today.

Cele­bra­ted annual­ly on the first Mon­day in Sep­tem­ber, Labour Day is essen­tial­ly the same

It’s a holiday – at least somewhere in Canada
Août 3, 2009 – 8:20 sur | Comments Off sur It’s a holiday – at least somewhere in Canada
It’s a holiday – at least somewhere in Canada

The first Mon­day in August is a holi­day dans de nombreuses régions du Canada.

It’s part of the three days of sum­mer relaxa­tion known as the «August Long Wee­kend»

If you’re in Bri­tish Colum­bia, …

Welcome to Vancouver – Let’s roast a pig
Juin 20, 2009 – 2:00 h | 3 Commentaires
Welcome to Vancouver – Let’s roast a pig

Get­ting set­tled in a new coun­try inva­ria­bly involves some unex­pec­ted twists and turns.

During our first win­ter in Cana­da, one of these « get­ting set­tled » mishaps invol­ved a suck­ling pig, an out­door rotis­se­rie, …

Bonne fête de Victoria
Mai 18, 2009 Р8:51 sur | Comments Off sur Bonne f̻te de Victoria
Bonne fête de Victoria

Today is a holi­day in Cana­da – Vic­to­ria Day.

Nowa­days, as Cana­dians head to their vaca­tion cot­tages, pic­nic on the beach, or fire up the backyard bar­be­cues, the holi­day is more about the start