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Fin­ding a home, wor­king, बचत, and inves­ting in Cana­da – here’s how


क्या आप में रहते पता करने की जरूरत है, में काम, or immi­grate to Cana­da. Citi­zen­ship infor­ma­tion, à¤­à¥€.


Tra­vel ideas and tips for visi­ting, tou­ring, and deci­ding where to live in Canada.

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Foo Asian Street Food restaurant, Victoria, BC, CanadaBri­tish Colum­bia’s capi­tal city of Vic­to­ria used to be dub­bed a des­ti­na­tion for the « new­ly wed and near­ly dead. » Yes, it was – and still is – popu­lar among both new­ly­weds and reti­rees, but with a gro­wing high-tech indus­try, a pas­sio­nate com­mu­ni­ty of local food advo­cates, and a now-vibrant cultu­ral scene, Vic­to­ria is increa­sin­gly cool.

And now­here is the city cooler-loo­king than in this web­site: The Ima­gi­na­tion Eco­no­my – high­ligh­ting all the rea­sons why cool folks should live and work in Vic­to­ria. Check it out!


Foo Asian Street Food pho­to © Caro­lyn B. हेल्लर

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