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Living Abroad in Canada

Your guide to Cana­dian tra­vel, relo­ca­tion, जीवन, और संस्कृति

के भाग चांद से श्रृंखला Ava­lon Tra­vel Publi­shing.

A must-have book for anyone consi­de­ring relo­ca­ting to Cana­da for school, काम या सेवानिवृत्ति.

When my fami­ly and I moved from Bos­ton to Van­cou­ver in 2003, we didn’t know how much we didn’t know.

We would have loved a book that told us how to get per­mis­sion to work in Cana­da, कैसे के लिए हस्ताक्षर करने के लिए health insu­rance, और क्या स्कूल विकल्प we’d have for the kids.

But we also found that there were plen­ty of things we didn’t know about Cana­dian life और संस्कृति.

हम कामना है कि वहाँ थे शुरू किया हमारे लिए यह सब समझाने की किताब. A guide – spe­ci­fi­cal­ly for Ame­ri­cans moving to Cana­da – that would lead us through this exci­ting but often-baf­fling pro­cess.

एक किताब की तरह Living Abroad in Cana­da.

लेकिन don’t take my word for it.

Here’s क्या Chi­ca­go Tri­bune कहना था के बारे में Living Abroad in Cana­da :

ऐसा लगता है कि quite a few Ame­ri­cans consi­der Cana­da the 51st state. Author Caro­lyn B. Hel­ler aims to put that idea to rest. Although the Uni­ted States and Cana­da have much in com­mon, Hel­ler is quick to point out that Cana­da has its own dis­tinc­tive culture with its own cus­tom, lan­guages, idiosyncrasies और.

…She dis­cusses hou­sing consi­de­ra­tions, the Cana­dian health sys­tem, employ­ment, and finance while offe­ring sug­ges­tions on prime living loca­tions. वह contrasts the Ame­ri­can mel­ting pot with Cana­dian mul­ti­cul­tu­ra­lism, where various eth­nic groups live side by side in a most­ly mul­tieth­nic harmony.

सिर्फ अदालत में तलब एक उदाहरण, Hel­ler pro­files an annual din­ner and per­for­mance event in Van­cou­ver – dub­bed Gung Hag­gis Fat Choy – that cele­brates the city’s Chi­nese and Scot­tish heri­tages and where people gather for a Chi­nese-style ban­quet to savor such deli­ca­cies as hag­gis won tons.

Only in Cana­da.

और ShelterOffshore.com कहते हैं:

हमने पाया है a fan­tas­tic title from the Moon Living Abroad range that will be per­fect for any Bri­tons or Ame­ri­cans thin­king about explo­ring their options of a brand new life in Cana­da. Living Abroad in Cana­da by Caro­lyn B. Hel­ler guides you through eve­ry single ele­ment of plan­ning, pre­pa­ring and enjoying a new life.

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