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Victoria & Vancouver Island

Photo ©Carolyn B. Heller

Se você gosta da idéia da relaxado, West Coast vida, but you pre­fer a less urban envi­ron­ment than Van­cou­ver, look at some of Bri­tish Colum­bia’s other regions.


The pro­vin­cial capi­tal, Vic­to­ria, loca­ted on Van­cou­ver Island across the Strait of Geor­gia from the city of Van­cou­ver, é uma up-and-coming com­mu­ni­ty. It’s large enough to have plen­ty of res­tau­rants, pubs, and cultu­ral acti­vi­ties, but small enough to be neigh­bor­ly. A cli­mate é leve, and gol­fing, sai­ling, Caminhadas, and cycling are just a few of the acti­vi­ties that resi­dents enjoy.

Vancouver Island

Elsew­here on Van­cou­ver Island, you’ll find smal­ler cities, cidades de praia, and log­ging com­mu­ni­ties. And bet­ween Van­cou­ver Island and the main­land, as águas são dot­ted with islands : Golfo da cadeia Ilha. Nestes pontos ilha, tou­rism is a big busi­ness, but so is tele­com­mu­ting. Many artists and entre­pre­neurs have set­tled on B.C.“s islands, adding a vibrant cultu­ral dimen­sion to life here. And when the surf’s up or the sun shines, island resi­dents can get out­doors fast.

Victoria & realocação de recursos Vancouver Island:

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