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Что изменилось в Канаде? Руководство для американцев

Передано июля 10, 2013 – 2:28 вечераНет Комментарий

Canadian toque, from Lululemon Athletica "Mom, there’s a word that peo­ple use here that means ‘hat,’” my 10-​​year-​​old daugh­ter told me one day dur­ing our first win­ter in Vancouver.

"It sounds like ‘tunic.’”

"Tunic?” I asked. “A hat? Are you sure?"

If you’re Canadian, you’re undoubt­edly laugh­ing or at least rolling your eyes at our American igno­rance. Although we were well-​​acquainted with ski hats when we relo­cated to Canada from Boston, we had never heard the Canadian term “прикасайтесь" (pro­nounced “toook”).

Remembering my early days as an American in Canada, when I was fre­quently sur­prised by all the things that were new to me on the Canadian side of the bor­der, I’m get­ting lots of laughs from this tum­blr blog, Что изменилось в Канаде?

Автор Kevin Bracken, an American who went to school in Toronto, this self-​​described “Beginner’s Guide to the Differences Between the Two Most Similar Countries on Earth,” high­lights words, phrases, and cus­toms that baf­fle many Americans when they visit or first arrive in Canada.

Can’t tell a Duo-​​tang from a don­air? Perplexed by PD days and pou­tine? Тогда проверьте Что изменилось в Канаде?

Canadian toque photo by Lululemon Athletica (Flickr)

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