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Ren­ting in Canada

In most Cana­dian cities, web­sites like Craig­slist, Kiji­ji, или Pad­Map­per are the best sources of ren­tal listings.

Fin­ding a place to rent in Cana­da can take some time. Nation­wide, Cana­da had a ren­tal vacan­cy rate в 2012 из только 2.3 процентов. As long as vacan­cy rates remain low, you should allow a lon­ger per­iod to find a ren­tal unit than you might expect.

While ren­tal prices vary signi­fi­cant­ly by city–and by neigh­bo­rhood within a city–the fol­lo­wing ave­rages may help with your bud­ge­ting. Nation­wide, the ave­rage rent for a two-bedroom apart­ment in mid-2012 was $887.

Ð’ 2012, the most expen­sive cities for ren­ters in Cana­da were Van­cou­ver, Торонто, Cal­ga­ry, Оттава, Виктория, and Edmon­ton. The fol­lo­wing table shows the ave­rage month­ly rent for a two-bedroom apart­ment in each of these communities:

  • Van­cou­ver $1,210
  • Торонто $1,164
  • Cal­ga­ry $1,113
  • Оттава $1,104
  • Виктория $1,046
  • Edmon­ton $1,036

Source: Cana­da Mort­gage and Hou­sing Corporation

Buying a Home in Canada

The Mul­tiple Lis­ting Ser­vice (MLS) lists homes for sale in most Cana­dian cities. Lis­tings are online at Realtor.ca.

While home prices vary signi­fi­cant­ly by city and by neigh­bo­rhood within a city, here are some ave­rages as of late 2012 for single-fami­ly deta­ched homes in Canada’s lar­gest metro­po­li­tan areas:

In the most expen­sive cities, condo­mi­nium apart­ments may be a more affor­dable option. Expect to pay an ave­rage of $368,800 in Van­cou­ver, $334,204 in Toron­to, и $289,819 in Cal­ga­ry. Condo prices are ave­ra­ging $236,781 in Edmon­ton, $267,037 in Otta­wa, и $225,000 в Монреале.

All prices are shown in Cana­dian dollars.

More Hou­sing Resources

The Cana­da Mort­gage and Hou­sing Cor­po­ra­tion (CMHC) publishes a use­ful online guide to both ren­ting and buying a home in Cana­da: Hou­sing for New­co­mers to Cana­da.

The CMHC also has help­ful resources for Ren­ting a Home in Cana­da и Buying a Home in Cana­da.

Toron­to Real Estate Pho­to ©Carolyn B. Хеллер