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Maligayang Family Day, Isla Araw, Louis Riel Day…

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Sa US, the third Mon­day in Februa­ry is a natio­nal holi­day. Washing­ton’s Bir­th­day (often cele­bra­ted as Pre­si­dents” Day) honors George Washing­ton, the first Ame­ri­can president.

If you live in Onta­rio, Alber­ta, Sas­kat­che­wan, Prince Edward Island, or Mani­to­ba, then you’re in luck!

In these Cana­dian pro­vinces, the third Mon­day in Februa­ry is a holi­day, masyado.

It’s Fami­ly Day in seve­ral pro­vinces, inclu­ding Onta­rio, Alber­ta, at Sas­kat­che­wan.

Sa Prince Edward Island, the Februa­ry holi­day is cal­led Islan­der Day.

And in Mani­to­ba, kumuha ka ng isang araw off para sa Louis Riel Day, hono­ring the Métis (French-abo­ri­gi­nal) lea­der cre­di­ted with being the « father » of the province.

In these pro­vinces, bangko, paaralan, and govern­ment offices are clo­sed. Ang ilang mga tindahan ay bukas, as are fede­ral govern­ment offices.

Do you have plans for the Februa­ry holi­day? In Onta­rio, many cities and towns orga­nize all sorts of win­ter acti­vi­ties. If the­re’s a par­ti­cu­lar­ly fun event that’s hap­pe­ning in your com­mu­ni­ty, please leave a com­ment and let us know.

This Februa­ry holi­day is hindi a natio­nal holi­day in Cana­da, so if you live in Bri­tish Colum­bia, Que­bec, Nova Sco­tia, New­found­land and Labra­dor, New Bruns­wick, or in any of the Cana­dian ter­ri­to­ries (ang Yukon, the Nor­th­west Ter­ri­to­ries, or Nuna­vut), masyadong masamang. You have to work on Mon­day. Sorry!

Rideau Kanal (Otta­wa) pho­to by matt.boman (fli­ckr)

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