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Compte tenu de l'immigration au Canada? Voici les meilleurs endroits où vivre pour les nouveaux immigrants

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Nathan Phillips Square, City Hall, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWe recent­ly repor­ted on the Money­sense annual ran­king of Best Places to Live in Cana­da. As part of this year’s sur­vey, the publi­ca­tion also ran­ked Cana­da’s Best Places for New Immi­grants.

Six des meilleurs 10 villes de l' 2013 « Best Places for New Immi­grants » list are in the Grea­ter Toron­to région, per­haps not sur­pri­sing since Toron­to and its sub­urbs have long been a magnet for new­co­mers to Cana­da. In com­mu­ni­ties like Rich­mond Hill and Mar­kham, immi­grants are a majo­ri­ty, avec plus de 50 percent of the popu­la­tion born out­side of Canada.

Three Bri­tish Colum­bia cities also made the top 10, inclu­ding Van­cou­ver, West Van­cou­ver, and Saa­nich (near Vic­to­ria, sur Van­cou­ver Island).

Voici le top 10 villes de l' Money­sense Best Places for New Immi­grants in Cana­da list:

  1. Bur­ling­ton, ON
  2. Vau­ghan, ON
  3. Cal­ga­ry, AB
  4. Rich­mond Hill, ON
  5. Toron­to, ON
  6. Oak­ville, ON
  7. West Van­cou­ver, Colombie-Britannique
  8. Saa­nich, Colombie-Britannique
  9. Mar­kham, ON
  10. Van­cou­ver, Colombie-Britannique

Here is a link to the full list of 25 villes: Cana­da’s Best Places for New Immi­grants.

Toron­to’s Nathan Phil­lips Square pho­to © Caro­lyn B. Vrai démon

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