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द्वारा प्रस्तुत नवंबर को 30, 2009 – 7:50 पर3 टिप्पणियाँ

were-number-1Is Cana­da the best place in the world for expats to live?

Accor­ding to the 2009 HSBC Expat Expe­rience Sur­vey, it is.

Cana­da top­ped the list of best places to live, with expats there repor­ting the highest ove­rall increase in their qua­li­ty of life since arri­ving in the country.

The sur­vey pol­led more than 3,000 दुनिया के चारों ओर लुभा, asses­sing whe­ther their ove­rall qua­li­ty of life increa­sed or decrea­sed during their over­seas assignment.

Cana­da was also num­ber 1 in « qua­li­ty of accom­mo­da­tion» with 68% of expats repor­ting that their homes were bet­ter in Cana­da than in their native country.

Cana­da recei­ved high scores in कितना आसान है के लिए लुभा दोस्त बनाने के लिए, to pur­sue hob­bies, और करने के लिए improve the qua­li­ty of life with their fami­lies.

Accor­ding to sur­vey respon­dents, the top rea­sons for living in Cana­da शामिल:

  • Bet­ter environment/quality of life for my chil­dren (39%)
  • Life­style (38%)
  • Career pros­pects (35%)
  • Less crime (13%)

Other inter­es­ting findings:

  • Cana­da has a high pro­por­tion of reti­red expats : 24% com­pa­red with 7% दुनिया भर में.
  • Cana­da’s expat com­mu­ni­ty is older than ave­rage, साथ 61% उम्र 45 or over.
  • More than two-thirds of Cana­dian expats own pro­per­ty in the coun­try, which is double the glo­bal ave­rage of 31%.
  • से अधिक 60% of expats in Cana­da repor­ted that orga­ni­zing their finances and their health care was easy.
  • Near­ly 40 percent said that their health impro­ved since arri­ving in Canada.

आप कर सकते हैं down­load the full report from the HSBC Expat Expe­rience web­site.

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