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Об авторе

cbheller-author-photo-2008Hello! I’m Carolyn B. Хеллер. I’m a travel writer, Автор книги, Проживающих за рубежом в Канаде, and creator of the Living Abroad in Canada website.

I’m an AmericanI was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in Indiana, went to college in Rhode Island, and lived for many years in Boston — и 2003, I moved to Canada with my husband and daughters. My family and I now hold dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship.

I’ve traveled to nearly 40 countries on six continents, and I write about travel, еда, и культура for guidebooks, magazines, newspapers, and online publications. My newest book is Moon Ontario, a travel guide that’s packed with information about the province of Ontario. Click here to learn more about my writing and my travels.

Why did I write Проживающих за рубежом в Канаде and create this website? Because when my family and I moved to Canada, we were continually surprised by all the things we didn’t know!

I hope you’ll find the information here at www.livingabroadincanada.com and in the book useful.

Enjoy your explorations, и welcome to Canada!