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Living Abroad in Canada

Ваш путеводитель по канадской путешествия, relocation, жизнь, и культура


Переезд в Канаду легко, Право?

That’s what I thoughtat least until my family and I began planning our move here. We naively assumed that relocating from the United States to Canada wouldn’t be much more difficult than moving from one end of the U.S. с другой.

But it wasn’t just having to figure out how to arrange for work permits или apply for health insurance или найти школы для детей. We were surprised at how little we knew about Canadian life and culture.

What it means to be a bilingual country. How Canada embraces multiculturalism. Активный канадский искусства сцены.

Почему канадский День благодарения в октябре?

Why is the Queen of England’s birthday a holiday in Canada?

Каковы Нанаймо бары? And do they have anything to do with legal same-sex marriage?

Даже тупой вещи, как why does ketchup taste different in Canada?

Я написал книгу о Переезд в Канаду

After I realized how much my family had to learn, I figured that other new Canadians would have these same questionsand many others, слишком. Так что я написал книгу, Проживающих за рубежом в Канаде. Then I created this website, livingabroadincanada.com, который был в Интернете с 2009.

Living Abroad in Canada is designed for anyone thinking of relocating to Canada or for newcomers trying to learn how to get settled. It was written specifically for expats and potential expats from the United States, but it’s full of details that will help new Canadians from the U.K., Австралия, Новая Зеландия, and many other countries as well.

And even if you’ve been in Canada a while, you may find some interesting tidbits of information that you didn’t know.

Кто я, anyway?

I’m Каролин B. Хеллер, Автор книги, Проживающих за рубежом в Канаде, and creator of the Living Abroad in Canada website.

I’m a travel, еда, and feature writer who relocated from Boston to British Columbia in 2003.

Читайте дальше, чтобы узнать больше обо мне, how my family and I ended up in Canada, и некоторые из моих любимые вещи о Канаде.

And if you’re ready to buy the book

Explore this website to learn more about relocating to Canada and about Canadian travel, жизнь, и культура.

And if you want to learn more, click here to buy the book, Проживающих за рубежом в Канаде.


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