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Оканаган виноградарства и виноделия

Photo ©Alan Albert

Об этом 400 Каждый канадец знает (250 км) к востоку от Ванкувера находится Долина Оканаган, the region local boosters callNapa North.” In central British Columbia, Оканаган мягче, drier, and sunnier than the coast, which has given rise to a burgeoning wine industry.

While the Okanagan has neither the number of wineries nor the extensive tourist infrastructure of its south-of-the-border idol–еще–there’s хорошее вино, сделанное здесь, plenty to do, и множество opportunities in tourism, недвижимости, and other industries. With a chain of lakes and the mountains nearby, the Okanagan’s natural setting заслуживает похвалы, слишком.

The Okanagan has historically been an agricultural area. Known forbeaches and peaches,” it’s long been a summer vacation spot for families who come to swim in the lakes and hike in the hills, and a winter getaway forsnowbirdsfrom other parts of Canada.

Теперь one of the fastest-growing regions in British Columbia, the Okanagan is popular year-round with retirees, second-home owners, and younger families seeking to escape from urban life.

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