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Photo ©Alan Albert

Why choose Монреаль? It’s a cool, stylish city, где francophone joie de vivre meets Canadian practicality. The high-tech, aerospace, and scientific research industries draw the more engineering-minded, while jobs in fashion and the arts bring in the culturally conscious. Finance, недвижимости, туризм, and the non-profit sector are all major components of Montreal’s economy.

For such a big, bustling citythe metropolitan area is home to about 3.5 million peopleMontreal is inexpensive. Rents and home prices are relatively low, and the many entertainment options, from festivals to concerts to wine bars, range from free to moderately priced. If you have Paris dreams but a Pensacola budget, consider Montreal.

From the bakeries serving up fresh baguettes to the creative bistros drawing inspiration from around the world, Montreal is a gourmet’s paradise. The city may be more “foreign” for English-speakers than other Canadian destinations, but you’ll be rewarded with a rich cross-cultural experience.

Монреаль переселения ресурсы:

- Выдержки (в частности) из книги, Проживающих за рубежом в Канаде. Чтобы узнать больше, купить книгу.

Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood photo ©Alan Albert