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As Canadian as a Butter Tart

Передано в Октябре 29, 2010 – 10:33 я8 Comments

Butter tarts, St. Jacobs Farmers Market, OntarioПрежде, чем я переехал в Канаду, I was a pecan pie girl.

But I’ve been traveling around Онтарио недавно (you can read dispatches from my travels here: A Superior Travel Day и здесь: не туда, где нет дорог Перейти). And on my travels, I’ve discovered a new contender for my pie affections.

Тон butter tart.

In case you arelike me until recentlya butter tart virgin, the butter tart is a single-serving pastry filled with a gooey mix of brown sugar, butter, и яйцо. Sometimes the filling is fairly firm, while sometimes it’s so runny it almost pours out of the tart shell.

The other ingredients seem to be a matter of personal preference, или “this is how my mother/grandmother/favorite aunt always made it.There are vocal pro- and anti-raisin contingents, and most people seem to feel strongly about whether nuts (generally pecans or walnuts) or coconut or any other flavor additions (peanut butter, anyone?) belong in a butter tart.

На мой вкус, a pecan butter tart is quite similar to a pecan pie. Can anyone enlighten me if there’s a significant difference?

As I traveled across Ontario, I sampled butter tarts at the Маленькая ванна Bakery в Tobermory (on the beautiful Брюс полуострова), в Сладкий Духовка Выпечка в Барри, and at several Ontario FarmersMarkets. И, конечно,, I made a butter tart pilgrimage to Marty’s World Famous Cafe в Bracebridge, где владелец, Марти Кертис, bills himself asThe Michelangelo of butter tarts.

I haven’t tasted enough butter tarts yet to have a definitive favoritedo you? — but I did learn a valuable butter tart lesson:

If you buy a butter tartfor later,” it will sit seductively in a little box on the front seat of your car. Вскоре, он начнет взывать к вам, так поздно становится рано, and even if you’re driving, вы съедите эту ooey, gooey little tart.

And no matter how hard you try to stop the sweet tart filling from oozing out of its shell or how futilely you attempt to cover yourself with napkins, only too late will you remember the warning they issue at Marty’s:

Do not eat butter tarts in your car, or you’ll end up wearing them!

Пироги масла в Санкт-. Jacobs (ON) Сельскохозяйственный рынок фото © Carolyn B. Хеллер