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Что мне нравится в Канаде

Photo ©Carolyn B. Heller

  • The океан, down­town high-​​rises, and snow-​​topped moun­tains are all right out­side my window.
  • People are nice, peo­ple are tol­er­ant, and they don’t make a big deal about how nice and tol­er­ant they are.
  • Toronto has five Chinatowns.
  • British Columbia has a desert.
  • Montrealers move effort­lessly between French and English.
  • The United States isn’t the cen­ter of the polit­i­cal universe.
  • Skiing, sail­ing, походы, bicy­cling, kayak­ing, camp­ing—even when you live in the city, all these activ­i­ties are close by, and peo­ple do them.
  • Croissants for break­fast, sushi for lunch, и wild salmon, local greens, and bum­ble­berry pie for dinner.
  • Maple syrup on snow.
  • Gravy on French fries.
  • Not hav­ing to worry about медицинское страхование.

- Выдержки из книги, Проживающих за рубежом в Канаде. Чтобы узнать больше, купить книгу.

Фото © Carolyn B. Хеллер