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Канада: The best place in the world to live

Передано на ноябрь 30, 2009 – 7:50 я3 Comments

were-number-1Is Canada the best place in the world for expats to live?

Согласно 2009 HSBC обследования Expat Опыт, it is.

Канада возглавила список лучших мест для жизни, with expats there reporting the highest overall increase in their quality of life since arriving in the country.

The survey polled more than 3,000 эмигранты по всему миру, assessing whether their overall quality of life increased or decreased during their overseas assignment.

Canada was also number 1 в “quality of accommodation,” с 68% of expats reporting that their homes were better in Canada than in their native country.

Канада получила высокие баллы в как легко это для экспатов подружиться, to pursue hobbies, и improve the quality of life with their families.

According to survey respondents, the top reasons for living in Canada включают:

  • Better environment/quality of life for my children (39%)
  • Образ жизни (38%)
  • Перспективы карьерного роста (35%)
  • Less crime (13%)

Other interesting findings:

  • Canada has a high proportion of retired expats: 24% compared with 7% во всем мире.
  • Canada’s expat community is older than average, с 61% возраст 45 or over.
  • More than two-thirds of Canadian expats own property in the country, which is double the global average of 31%.
  • Более 60% of expats in Canada reported that organizing their finances and their health care was easy.
  • Почти 40 percent said that their health improved since arriving in Canada.

Вы можете download the full report from the HSBC Expat Experience website.

Photo by chazzvid (Flickr)


  • Рут говорит:

    That’s very interesting. I’ve been here 30 лет. I intend to give up my U.S. citizenship soon due to the new invasive tax laws being foisted upon U.S citizens who don’t live in the U.S. I can still visit on my Canadian passport and I don’t ever intend to move back to the U.S. anyway. No more filing on foreign income either. It’s very much like taxation without representation since I get no benefit from paying those taxes anyway and no other country taxes people who do not live there.

    With the banking disclosure now, which gives information about my foreign spouse and the very draconian measures recently taken I’m just done. I also don’t want my Canadian son to have to deal with the consequences of the IRS at my death. Why should I have to put them through that any longer. I talked to another person today who is relinquishing their U.S. citizenship over these issues. It’s sad to say but, I’m afraid I am pushed into this. I don’t take kindly to being treated like a criminal by assumption nor the very, very invasive practices taken up recently by the U.S. government. Far too punitive for me.

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