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Говоря канадца: Но вы говорите Ottawan?

Передано на ноябрь 8, 2010 – 11:26 я4 Comments

Большинство американцев, Британцы, Австралийцы, или другой English-speakers who move to Canada assume that they’ll be able to understand Canadian English.

На самом деле, before we relocated to Canada from the U.S., it didn’t occur to me that there would be as many differences between Canadian and American English as there are.

So I had to learn to take my grocery purchases to the till (the cash register), put on my runners (sneakers or tennis shoes) before going for a walk, и, конечно, in winter always wear a прикасайтесь (pronouncedtoook” — and it’s a ski hat)!

Perhaps that’s why I especially enjoyed reading a recent post from Let’s Go Ottawa: An Insider’s Guide to Ottawa and Canada’s Capital Region.

It’s called Ð’Ñ‹ говорите Ottawan?

When Ottawans talk aboutthe Market” или “the Sens” или “the Chateau,” do you know what they mean?

I didn’t.

Читать Ð’Ñ‹ говорите Ottawan?and you’ll find out!

For more on “Говоря канадца,” check out myСанки против. Санкиpost or this article about уникальные канадские слова и фразы от Canada’s adventure couple.

(And if you want to know more about living in Ottawa, have a look at: Переезд в Оттаве? Relocation resources for Canada’s “cool capital.”)

Что о вас? Are there other Canadian words or phrases that have puzzled you? Leave a comment and let us know.

Byward Market фотографияCarolyn B. Хеллер


  • Jess говорит:

    I work in BC at one of the mines and the miners (operators mostly)say you betcha after asking to do something or if you can do something.

  • Randall говорит:

    My relative is working in Canada and she is telling me that she really can’t understand some of the Canadian language too. The sahring in this post actually got me pretty excited to learn their language. It may be hard the first time but once I get used to it, I know I’ll learn it someday.

  • Zhu говорит:

    I rarely say the till thoughbut yes, there are some British English expressions or words in Canadian English. Plus some French!

    • Каролин B. Хеллер говорит:

      I had to get used to Canadian/British spelling, слишком. I had expected some differences from American spellinglike colour, neighbour, flavour, centre, theatre, kilometrebut there were many I had to learn. Licence (not license), enrol (not enroll), traveller (not traveler), cheque (not check), jewellery (not jewelry)…

      Ð’ Ванкувере, there’s much less French than in Ottawa. Are there common French expressions you frequently hear?