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Guide to Canadian universities
October 26, 2009 – 7:00 am | Comments Off on Guide to Canadian universities
Guide to Canadian universities

The Globe & Mail publishes an annual Guide to Cana­dian Uni­ver­si­ties, and they’ve just relea­sed the latest edition.

From an essay on why Cana­dian uni­ver­si­ties are a bar­gain to pro­files of top pro­fes­sors to …

Canada’s « tax competitiveness »
September 18, 2009 – 7:43 am | Comments Off on Canada’s « tax competitiveness »
Canada’s « tax competitiveness »

Star­ting a busi­ness in Cana­da ? Then – unfor­tu­na­te­ly – you’ll need to learn more about Cana­dian taxes.

A Cana­dian think tank, the C.D. Howe Ins­ti­tute, recent­ly relea­sed a report on Cana­da’s « tax com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness » – asses­sing …

Professors” pay in Canada
September 4, 2009 – 8:00 am | Comments Off on Professors” pay in Canada
Professors” pay in Canada

How much money do pro­fes­sors earn at Cana­dian universities ? 

If you’re consi­de­ring an aca­de­mic job in Cana­da, have a look at Sta­tis­tics Cana­da’s report on « Sala­ries and Sala­ry Scales of Full-time Tea­ching Staff at Cana­dian …

How far does your money go in Toronto ?
September 2, 2009 – 8:27 am | Comments Off on How far does your money go in Toronto ?
How far does your money go in Toronto ?

If you’ll be living and wor­king in Toron­to, how far will your money go ?

Or in more prac­ti­cal terms, how long do you have to work to earn a Big Mac ?

Toron­to’s pur­cha­sing power is tops among

Top 10 Places to Work in Canada
July 31, 2009 – 8:05 am | Comments Off on Top 10 Places to Work in Canada
Top 10 Places to Work in Canada

We recent­ly wrote about the Top 10 Places to Retire in Cana­da. But what if you’re coming to Cana­da to work ?

Accor­ding to Money­Sense maga­zi­ne’s 2009 Best Places to Live sur­vey, the Top 5 best places