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Why You Need This Book

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Living Abroad in Canada

Your guide to Canadian travel, relocation, life, and culture

Part of the Moon series from Avalon Travel Publishing.

A must-have book for anyone considering relocating to Canada for school, work or retirement.

When my family and I moved from Boston to Vancouver in 2003, we didn’t know how much we didn’t know.

We would have loved a book that told us how to get permission to work in Canada, how to sign up for health insurance, and what school options we’d have for the kids.

But we also found that there were plenty of things we didn’t know about Canadian life and culture.

We began wishing that there were a book to explain it all for us. A guide – specifically for Americans moving to Canada – that would lead us through this exciting but often-baffling process.

A book like Living Abroad in Canada.

But don’t take my word for it.

Here’s what the Chicago Tribune had to say about Living Abroad in Canada:

It seems that quite a few Americans consider Canada the 51st state. Author Carolyn B. Heller aims to put that idea to rest. Although the United States and Canada have much in common, Heller is quick to point out that Canada has its own distinctive culture with its own custom, languages, and idiosyncrasies.

…She discusses housing considerations, the Canadian health system, employment, and finance while offering suggestions on prime living locations. She contrasts the American melting pot with Canadian multiculturalism, where various ethnic groups live side by side in a mostly multiethnic harmony.

To cite just one example, Heller profiles an annual dinner and performance event in Vancouver — dubbed Gung Haggis Fat Choy — that celebrates the city’s Chinese and Scottish heritages and where people gather for a Chinese-style banquet to savor such delicacies as haggis won tons.

Only in Canada.

And ShelterOffshore.com says:

We’ve found a fantastic title from the Moon Living Abroad range that will be perfect for any Britons or Americans thinking about exploring their options of a brand new life in Canada. Living Abroad in Canada by Carolyn B. Heller guides you through every single element of planning, preparing and enjoying a new life.

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