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Are You Smarter than a 10th Grader (about Canada)? Take this Quiz!

Submitted by on November 1, 2012 – 6:43 amNo Comment

Canadian Museum of Civilization IMG_1634Do you know enough about Canadian history and government to pass the Canadian citizenship test?

Or are you (at least) smarter than the average Canadian 10th grader?

A group of Grade 10 students recently challenged two Canadian journalists to a quiz show-style competition at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, where both teams answered questions from Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, the guide that newcomers to Canada use to study for their citizenship test.

Do you know:

  • Who is the only Canadian Prime Minister to be awarded the Nobel Prize?
  • When was the Canadian flag first raised?
  • Who were Les Automatistes of Québec?

These questions are hard, eh? Take the “Are You Smarter Than a Canadian 10th Grader Quiz” here (and find out the answers).

Can you guess who won the competition, which pitted students from Ottawa’s Immaculata High School against CBC Inside Politics journalists Kady O’Malley and Laura Payton?

Get the story, and see who’s smartest, from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Canadian Museum of Civilization photo © Carolyn B. Heller

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