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Best Places to Live : Canada’s Top 10 Cities (2012)

Submitted by on July 23, 2012 – 7:15 pmOne Comment

Canada's flag flies over the Peace Tower, Parliament Hill, OttawaWhere are the best places to live in Canada ?

The Money­Sense 2012 Best Places to Live sur­vey rated 190 Cana­dian com­mu­ni­ties with at least 10,000 resi­dents, com­pa­ring 22 dif­ferent fac­tors such as wea­ther, incomes and taxes, job pros­pects, access to health care, home affor­da­bi­li­ty, crime rates, and ove­rall life­style, inclu­ding the per­cen­tage of people who walk or bike to work.

For the third year in a row, Otta­wa ran­ked as the best place in Cana­da to live.

Why Otta­wa ? Money­Sense out­li­ned seve­ral fac­tors that put Cana­da’s capi­tal city on top :

Ottawa’s cultu­ral offe­rings and fami­ly-friend­ly life­style were just some of the fac­tors that hel­ped the city take the No. 1 position…

The city’s resi­dents enjoy high hou­se­hold and dis­cre­tio­na­ry incomes, thanks to the large num­ber of well-paying govern­ment jobs, which insu­late it from some of the vaga­ries of the economy.

At the same time, the ave­rage home price in Otta­wa pro­per ($335,300) isn’t as high as in Canada’s big­gest centres, mea­ning fami­lies can com­for­ta­bly afford decent homes.

Here’s the com­plete Money­Sense Top 10 :

  1. Otta­wa, ON
  2. Bur­ling­ton, ON
  3. King­ston, ON
  4. Hali­fax, NS
  5. Regi­na, SK
  6. Bran­don, MB
  7. Fre­de­ric­ton, NB
  8. Edmon­ton, AB
  9. Red Deer, AB
  10. Win­ni­peg, MB

In gene­ral, smal­ler cities and sub­ur­ban com­mu­ni­ties conti­nue to score higher than Cana­da’s lar­ger cities, with Cal­ga­ry ran­ked #14, Vic­to­ria (BC) at #35, Toron­to at #47 and Mon­treal at #149. Van­cou­ver, a per­en­nial­ly popu­lar des­ti­na­tion for new­co­mers, came in at #56, but sco­red dead last in hou­sing affordability.

For more infor­ma­tion on the Money­Sense sur­vey, check out the Best Places to Live 2012 list and rela­ted articles.

The Peace Tower on Par­lia­ment Hill Pho­to © Caro­lyn B. Heller

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  • lora says:

    Fre­de­ric­ton as nice as it seems…should not be on any list…We did some research to what would be bene­fi­cial to a “fami­ly”, for hou­sing costs..slightly chea­per, but the city charges as a “tou­rist” city pri­cing range. The school sys­tem is ter­rible, and i quite honest­ly never met so many igno­rant people…deceiving for sure.